FAIR PRICE PAID- Collections, Toy / Hobby Shop Contents, Estates

We are Rad Wares- we buy and sell (and LOVE) vintage and modern collectibles, toys, electronics and hobby products. We prefer to deal in larger quantities and are known for paying a fair price for the right collection or inventory.

Serving the greater Philadelphia area north to Allentown and North Jersey as well as Central Jersey, will travel for the right deal.

Contact us at the phone number below.

What we buy:

Contents of estates, toy shops, video game stores, hobby shops and other businesses

Slot Cars- Aurora/AFX, Tyco, all others

Trains- O and N Scale preferred, trains and rolling stock.

Video games and consoles: Nintendo NES SNES N64 Gamecube Wii / Wii U & ALL handhelds: Game Boy/Pocket/Color/Advance/SP, DS all series/revisions. Anything related to Turbografx-16, Neo Geo, Vectrex, Philips CD-I, Panasonic 3DO, Atari Jaguar. Sony Playstation 1 through 4, Vita, PSP. All Sega consoles and games- Saturn, Genesis, Sega CD, Dreamcast, Nomad and Game Gear, etc. We avoid Atari 2600 games and consoles as well as most Xbox consoles other than original Xbox. Contact us if your games are not listed, we're likely still interested.

Commodore, DOS, and Apple II computers, games and later big box PC games, early DOS and Apple II non-game programs if new and sealed.

Tabletop strategy war games, sci-fi, etc.

Lego- complete sets, partial sets, bulk lots, sealed product (preferred). All eras.

Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) and most other tabletop role-playing games and accessories

Static model kits, Gundam model kits

R/C Cars and aircraft (hobby/professional grade).

Vintage 70's-00's toys (prefer new and sealed for action figures), such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, He-Man / MOTU, Ghostbusters, Star Wars, GI Joe, Transformers and many others.

Micro Machines

Die-Cast replicas (high end) and vintage redline Hot Wheels, other vintage/antique diecast at our discretion

Comics- Gold and Silver Era, certain subject matters, rarely some modern. Ungraded only

Also interested in most other popular 80's and 90's toys, especially new and sealed.

Trading cards: MTG (Magic: The Gathering), Yu-Gi-Oh!, and others- older loose cards and most sealed product for all.

Other: If you have a lot of something cool, contact us- we'll look at almost anything in quantity.

**Not interested in sports-related collectibles or cards, most clothing, most dolls, most DVD's/CD's/VHS (except obscure stuff- B-movies, horror, etc), souvenirs, postcards, stamps, furniture**

Contact Rad Wares at the email listed with details about what you have, an asking price if you have one, and a couple of photos if you have them (just a couple will be enough- we'll ask if we need additional information).

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