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Do you have difficulty doing business or working in America? Have you ever wanted to get that promotion and move up in your job but been told your accent is holding you back? Are you having difficulty understanding American culture and corporate culture? I can help!

Did you ever want to make an engineering, financial, analytical, or IT presentation to your supervisor and his supervisors, in smooth, clear calm English? Have you ever been told that people have trouble understanding your speech, and your boss takes you aside afterward to tell you you should really see if you can get some help with your accent?

Imagine: Relaxing in a nightclub, a drink in your hand, talking to a girl. She's smiling at you, and your speech is relaxed and easy. You know what you want to say and how to say it, and you can get the words out with no trouble at all.

Imagine: You are working with your IT colleagues, and you feel that you've earned their respect--they treat you like a full member of the team. They ask your opinions on things.

America is a land of opportunity. You came here to create a future for yourself and your family and children. You came to make your fortune or improve your fortunes. You were optimistic when you came;. You were brave; you came here although you knew no one

I am a kind, low key accent reduction tutor. I can help you to reduce your accent and explain various parts of American culture to you. I have been doing this since 1998 and I have experience helping people prep for job interviews, medical school interviews, and medical residencies. I can help train you so that your speech becomes much less accented or unaccented--and you'll be able to make it here, as you dreamed of doing when you came.

My name is David Berlin, and if you'd like to know more about me, google me along with the phrase "accent reduction" or "ESL".

Weekend slots are available! I will travel to your location! Call me today!

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