Flowering Miniature Christmas Cherry Tree - $25 (Holmdel, NJ)

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Route 520 near Holmdel Road

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The Christmas Cherry Tree is a colorful, miniature, slow-growing, evergreen, perennial, that will brighten any room. It is a great holiday gift for anyone that loves colorful plants.

You can drop by and pick it up from our place in Holmdel, NJ.

The Christmas Cherry Tree (Solanum pseudocapsicum) is also referred to as Winter Cherry. This small, bushy plant produces dark green leaves and bright orange or red fruit.

Star-shaped flowers appear in June or July. The flowers are small, white, and unscented. Around September or October, the red or orange berries appear. The Christmas Cherry doesn’t get very big, reaching about one to two feet tall.

The Christmas Cherry is a tender, slow-growing evergreen perennial and makes an excellent houseplant. It requires full sun to thrive, but it will survive with moderate to bright light. Mist the plant often. The plant should be potted in a rich, well drained potting soil, and kept moist during the growing cycle. Feed with a general purpose houseplant fertilizer every two weeks and discontinue feeding when the plant has finished blooming. The fruit is decorative and not edible. After the berries have dropped, and in the spring, when all danger of frost has passed, plant or set it outside, in a semi- sunny place. It should be brought inside before the danger of frost, with 41 F. (5 C.) the lowest temperature the plant will tolerate.

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