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Beautiful adorable and sweet mini lop, holland lop and Netherland dwarf bunnies. All pictures are taken close up, so some bunnies appear bigger than want they are. Prices vary upon sex, color, type and age. If interested in adopting a bunny be sure to fill out an adoption application listed on our website!

Mini Lop bunnies are very friendly, affectionate, laid-back, and have gentle personalities. Mini loves also are tended to be quite a snuggly bunny as well. They enjoy bonding with each and every person younger and older; being especially great with kids and other animals as well. At full maturity mini lops can weigh on average 4-6lbs fully grown, giving you more to love! Given the traits of the breed it creates them to be one of the most wonderful breeds for a family pet!

Holland Lop rabbits are friendly and social. Holland Lops are also known for being incredibly affectionate. They love to be cuddled and loved. They are also very playful and energetic bunnies. They're small and compact weighing 2-5lbs fully grown. They are great family pets Holland lops can be a great pet for families with children and other pets with adult supervision. Making them great choice for a new best friend!

Netherland dwarfs is one of the smallest breeds of bunnies weighting in the 1-3 lbs range fully grown. They are very popular pets with their playful and energetic personalities as loving pets and cuddles. As some dwarfs are nervous, with time and patience to build trust they can be very affectionate pets.

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