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condition: good
Used Hard cover books for sale…. about 60 (List of titles and Authors at bottom:)

My parents were avid readers and have since passed. They had quite a collection of books that were kept in a bookcase with glass doors, all the books are in very good condition.

Many different subjects, from Science, Psychology, Romance, History, Suspense, Thriller, Science Fiction, Crafts, Children’s, etc.

I would like to see someone read and enjoy them as my parents once did.

taking serious, reasonable offers on any number of books, need these gone ! will update as some are sold.

CASH ONLY, Would really rather not have to bother with shipping, Sorry not interested in any trades.

Serious inquiries only, Please leave your NAME and PHONE NUMBER in your email response so I can contact you.


1. The Adams Family - James Truslow Adams
2. The Literature of the United States Volume 1 - Blair, Hornberger, Stewart
3. The Literature of the United States Volume 2 - Blair, Hornberger, Stewart
4. An Approach to Literature 4th Edition - Brooks, Thibaut Purser, Penn Warren
5. Anthology of Children’s Literature - Johnson, Scott, Sickels
6. Fields of Psychology - J.P. Guilford
7. Manual For First Grade Music - Robert Foresman
8. Short Stories for Study An Anthology - Raymond W. Short & Richard B. Sewall
9. The Scarlet Letter - Nathaniel Hawthorne
10. Exercises in General Chemistry & Qualitative Analysis - Horace G. Deming & Saul B. Arenson
11. The Story of New Jersey - Adeline P. Hagaman
12. Basic Readers Book Four - William H. Elson & William S. Gray
13. Colonial Children Source Readers in American History No. 1 - Albert Bushnell Hart
14. Art Through the Ages - Helen Gardner
15. Psychology Its Principles and Meanings - Lyly E. Bourne, Jr. Bruce Ekstrand
16. Biological Science, An Inquiry into Life - ISBN 0-15-360760-2
17. Life Science, A Modern Course - John M. Mason , Ruth T. Peters
18. The World of Science - Jane Werner Watson
19. A Treasury of Science - Harlow Shapley, Samuel Rapport & Helen Wright
20. Exploring the Insect World ( Grassroot Jungles) - Edwin Way Teale
21. Handicrafts and Hobbies for pleasure and profit - Marguerite Ickis
22. Speaking and Writing English Book Two - Sheridan, Kleiser, Mathews
23. Literature for Reading and Memorization Book Two Poems For Children - Louise E. Tucker
24. Pinocchio The Story of a Marionette - C. Collodi
25. Boy and the Square Uncle - Nina Farewell
26. The Family Reader - Marjorie Barrows
27. Such As We Are - Pierre Sichel
28. Pack Up Your Troubles - Ted Malone
29. A Glimpse of Stocking - Elizabeth Gage
30. Experimental Foundations of General Psychology - Williard L. Valentine
31. A Short History of Medicine - Erwin H. Ackerknecht, M.D.
32. Representative Modern Dramas - Charles Huntington Whitman
33. Creative and Mental Growth - Viktor Lowenfeld
34. This Physical World - C.C. Clark, C.A. Johnson, L.M. Cockaday
35. This Living World - C.C. Clark, R.H. Hall
36. Fundamentals of General Psychology - John Frederick Dashiell
37. Readers Digest Condensed Books Volume 1 1957
Bon Voyage, The Tribe That Lost It’s Head, The Philadelphian, A Family Party, Stopover: Tokyo

38. Readers Digest Condensed Books Volume 2 Spring 1967
My Boy John That Went to Sea, One Summer In Between, The Broken Seal, Dibs- In Search of Self, The Road, Sally

39. Readers Digest Condensed Books Volume 3 Summer 1970 Selections
Operation Sippacik, The Secret Woman, Christiaan Bernard One Life. The Song of Bernadette,
The Shattered Dream

40. Readers Digest Condensed Books Volume 2 Spring 1969
The Two Of Us, Bichu The Jaguar, The Minister, Mayo The Story of My Family and My Career, Torregreca, April Morning

41. Best Sellers from Readers Digest Condensed Books
Still Missing, The Lord God Made Them All

42. Printed By Nelson Doubleday Inc. ( Has no name on it )
The Bridges at Toko- RI, Story of Aviation, The Swimming Pool, Kiss Me Again Stranger, Adventures In Two Worlds, The Silent World, Rivets, Short Stories of De Maupassant

43. Red Giants and Red Dwarfs - Robert Jastrow
44. A Guidebook of United States Coins 19th Edition 1966 - R.S. Yeoman
45. A Treasury of Stephen Foster - Deems Taylor, John Tasker Howard, Ray Lev
46. Aprils Kittens - Clare Turlay Newberry
47. A Story of Beauty, Joy and Achievement - Ctibor Rybar & Jan Novotny
48. The New Popular Science Encyclopedia of the Sciences - William B. Sill, Norman Hoss
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 63-8070
49. Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary Fifth Edition 1948
50. Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary 1961
51. The Hymnal of the Protestant Episcopal Church 1940
52. The Political Education of Woodrow Wilson - James Kerney
53. Famous Men of Rome - John H. Haaren, LL.D. & A.B. Poland, Ph.D.
54. Strange As It Seems - Elsie Hix
55. The Bourne Identity - Robert Ludlum
56. Ceremony of the Innocent - Taylor Caldwell

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